15. Dec 21

Surprise for PNB

Our PNB won a LEGO surprise package. Our staff is really happy about that.

How did weg et this package? A private radio station offered a lottery and was looking for little heros in the COVID-19 pandemic. For Mr. Buchholz, our Stufenleiter, are his daughter and our students little heroes, as they were limited by the pandemic and threw them in the lottery pot. „The pupils have repeatedly adjusted to new rules and teaching concepts, implement the mask requirement and the regular tests very well and despite everything mostly go through the difficult time positively. I have great respect for what our students have achieved in the past 20 months and I am very happy that we were drawn and that we received that great gift.“, said Mr. Buchholz, who was extremely surprised when a huge package arrived at school.

From now on the children have the opportunity to play with the sets, try them out and just have fun with it.