03. Nov 21

Galli-Theater at BGS

On Tuesday, October 26th, 2021, the Galli-Theater visited our primary school. In our gym the pupils watched the play “The Ugly Duckling”.

The story of the ugly duckling that embarks on a long journey on which it meets many animals and finally realizes that it is not ugly at all, but just different, was lovingly staged by the actors with song, music and dance .

The end of the performance was accompanied by loud applause.

The Galli Theater program did not end there. Afterwards, the children had the opportunity in workshops to act out the play together with the actors, to stand on the stage, to immerse themselves in the different roles of the play, to have their first acting experiences in front of an audience and to deal with the topic of “exclusion and being different”.

“Great!”, “Really good!”, “They had great costumes!”, “It was a lot of fun!” were just a few of the responses from the children who had a lot of fun with the great project and with this special experience a good start in everyday school life after fall vacation.