21. Dec 18

The three investigators „???“

At the moment our class 6bili+ is reading the book the Three Investigators ???   in our English class. It deals with the case „Vampire City“ by Marco Sonnleiter which was adapted to classroom English by PONS.

It´s about the three investigators who go on a hiking trip in the Santa Monica Mountains for one weekend. Suddenly a storm comes up, luckily they find the village Yonderwood. Hoping it to be a good place for a sleepover they enter the small town.  Their first impression of the village is that it is a deserted and therefore creepy town. Peter immediately thinks it´s a ghost town. The look for an open restaurant, wanting  to buy some food. They find the Golden Bear, but something is awfully strange: crosses and garlic everywhere! Why? Josy McDonaghough, the keeper of the drugstore to which the three investigators are sent to, tells them that the people in the restaurant are trying to protect themselves from a vampire! A vampire in Yonderwood?

Our class made this book come alive by a book presentation, a PowerPoint presentation, a radio show and a little theatre. And we´ve had the pleasure to present it to the other 6th graders, the 5bili+ class and our parents.

The 6bilingual plus class and Mrs. Witteck highly recommend reading this book to all fans of mystery and detective stories.

by Saskia Riethmüller

This is the setting of the radio show on Chapter 4.