16. Dec 21

Online lesson about Malta (class 5 bilingual plus)

Have you ever heard of Imquaret?


Mrs. Witteck´s class 5 bilingual plus English group now knows what it is 😊 Read on and find out for yourself😉


Luana G.´s personal impressions:

The last English lesson was amazing😊. We had an online lesson in our EDV room. [The EF language school] teacher showed us how nice Malta is. They have very delcious food like: Imquaret, Christmas fruit cake with icing and choclate drizzle. And she showed us photos of Malta.

I hope we´re gonna have another online lesson. It´s fun and very interesting😊


Sabrina S.´s personal opinion:

I think Malta is very nice. The online lesson was exciting and fun! It was normal for me, to  have a Zoom class. The teacher was very polite 😉. The food is traditional. One of the most popular food in Malta is: rabbit-stew with tomato sauce and peas. I really like the Imqauret because it is delicious!

I really liked the Zoom lesson with Mariliana😊. I hope I will visit Malta and meet with her. Malta is one of my favourite countries!

Noah J´s personal perspective:

I found the islands very interesting. I liked the warmth in Malta. It was very cool to have a Zoom meeting😊. The teacher was very nice. When we had the subject „Maltesean food“ it was a little bit boring☹. But the food looked tasty.

This food I remember: baked pasta, crunchy burnt top and icing.


Maya S.´s personal point of view:

I think Malta is very nice and traditional. The online lesson was very cool and I had never had a Zoom lesson. I like the food – especially the Christmas fruite cake and the Imquaret 😊 –[a traditional Maltese date filled pastry] – mhh yummy! It was cooI to have a new teacher to look how the other teachers are but I think my teacher is better😉.

I hope I will visit Malta that will be very cool!